May 26th, 2016


Джеффри Бурдс о фальсификациях Вятровича

Комментарии к статье Д.Коэна.

I did not write the article, and though I asked I was not granted permission by Cohen to review its contents before publication.
When Cohen contacted me a year ago, I offered numerous examples. We focused on two:
1. Falsification in the form of redacting out controversial materials (that showed how much the OUN/UPA leaders disliked one another, etc) in
Лiтoпис УПA Hoвa cepiя, Нова серія, тoм 9, Бopoтьбa пpoти пoвстaньскoгo pyxy i нaцioнaлiстичнoгo пiдпiлля: пpoтoкoли дoпитiв зaapeштoвaниx paдянськими opгaнaми дepжaвнoї бeзпeки кepiвикiв ОУН i УПА, 1944-1945 (Київ-Торонто, 2007), ред. О. Іщук і С. Кокін. Litopys UPA, New Series, Volume 9, O. Ishchuk and S. Kokin, eds., The Struggle Against the [Ukrainian] Insurgent Movement and the Nationalist Underground: Interrogation Protoсols of OUN and UPA Leaders Arrested by the Soviet State Seсurity Organs, 1944-1945 (Kyiv-Toronto, 2007).
2. The choice to exclude the now notorious 28 February 1945 interrogation protocol of Stelmashchuk where he implicated "Klim Savur" (the field alias of Dmytro Kliachkivs'kyi) as having given the order to murder Poles and destroy their homesteads in June 1943.

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