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Рапорт Британской военной миссии на Юге России (извлечения)

8 октября 1919 г.

242. This question was dealt with in Section XIV. of my No. I.P. 890 of 21st July.
Since then the dramatic collapse of Bolshevik resistance in the Ukraina has brought
the question of Petliura's position to the fore.
243. General Denikin informed me on 19th August that events in the Ukraina
were taking such a favourable turn that he felt himself strong enough to take Kiev and
Odessa and asked me to warn His Majesty's-Government that this would bring him
into relations with Petliura. H e asked that we should bring pressure to bear on the
Rumanian and Polish Governments to cease to support the latter.
244. General Denikin's plan of campaign was to seize Bakhmach Junction on the
Kiev—Moscow Railway and so cut Kiev off from the Bolshevik centres. He realized that
this might result in Petliura profiting by the success of his operations and entering
Kiev before him.
The troops that entered Kiev a few hours before the advance guard of the Volunteer
Army were Galicians, however, who were under Petliura for operation purposes alone.
They speedily withdrew and are causing no trouble (paragraph 260).

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